Wrangler MT/R

The state-of-the-art off-road tire includes a three-ply sidewall and advanced silica compound for excellent durability and puncture resistance. And a new tread pattern provides increased element and lug stiffness, and uniform treadwear.

All TerrainAll TerrainDurabilityDurabilityOff- Road PerformanceOff- Road Performance

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Massive tread lugs and wide shoulder blocksExcellent off-road traction during acceleration and braking

Aggressive tread, detail on sidewall, more lateral biting edgesMaximum traction on dirt,grass and gravel

Durawall Puncture Resistance Technology and stronger molecular bondDesigned to withstand rugged off-road use and resist cuts and tears

Three-ply sidewall construction and advanced silica compoundAdded strength, durability and puncture resistance